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Colorado Governor Candidates

Bob Beauprez
Candidate for Governor of Colorado

U.S. Senate Candidates

Cory Gardner
Candidate for U.S. Senate

Colorado Attorney General Candidates

Cynthia Coffman
Candidate for Colorado Attorney General

Colorado Secretary of State Candidate

Wayne Williams
Candidate for Secretary of State

Colorado State Treasurer Candidate

Treasurer Walker Stapleton
Candidate for Colorado Treasurer

U.S. House of Representatives -- District 1

Martin Walsh 
Candidate for Congress -- District 1

U.S. House of Representatives -- District 2

George Leing
Candidate for Congress -- House District 2

U.S. House of Representatives -- District 3

Congressman Scott Tipton
Candidate for U.S. Congress -- House District 3

U.S. House of Representatives -- District 4

Ken Buck
Candidate for U.S. Congress -- District 4

U.S. House of Representatives -- District 5

Congressman Doug Lamborn
Candidate for U.S. Congress -- House District 5

U.S. House of Representatives -- District 6

Congressman Mike Coffman
Candidate for U.S. Congress -- House District 6

U.S House of Representatives -- District 7

Don Ytterberg
Candidate for Congress -- House District 7

State Senate Candidates

Name Office District Website
Jerry Sonnenberg State Senate 01
Kevin J. Grantham State Senate 02
George Rivera State Senate 03
Don Suppes State Senate 05
Ellen S. Roberts State Senate 06
Ray Scott State Senate 07
Kent Lambert State Senate 09
Bernie Herpin State Senate 11
John Cooke State Senate 13
Kevin Lundberg State Senate 15
Tim Neville State Senate 16
Laura J. Woods State Senate 19
Larry Queen State Senate 20
Tony Sanchez State Senate 22
Beth Martinez Humenik State Senate 24
Chris Holbert State Senate 30
Dawne Murray State Senate 32
Stuart Siffring State Senate 34

State House Candidates

Name Office District Website
Raymond Garcia State House 01
Jon Roberts State House 02
Candice Benge State House 03
David W. Dobson State House 04
Ronnie Nelson State House 05
Jeff Krump State House 06
Jason DeBerry State House 07
Jeffery Washington State House 08
Celeste R. Gamache State House 09
Charlie Plagainos State House 11
Michael James Hocevar State House 13
Dan Nordberg State House 14
Gordon Klingenschmitt State House 15
Dave Williams State House 15
Janak Joshi State House 16
Kit Roupe State House 17
Michael Schlierf State House 18
Paul Lundeen State House 19
Terri Carver State House 20
Dan Stanforth State House 20
Miles Dewhirst State House 20
Kristen Selzer State House 20
Lois Landgraf State House 21
Justin Everett State House 22
Loren Bauman State House 22
Jane Barnes State House 23
Joseph DeMott State House 24
Jon Keyser State House 25
Dave Moloney State House 26
Chuck McConnell State House 26
Libby Szabo State House 27
Stacia Kuhn State House 28
JoAnn Windholz State House 30
Carol "Jody" Beckler State House 31
Edgar Antillon State House 32
Marijo Tinlin State House 33
Alexander "Skinny" Winkler State House 34
Mike Melvin State House 35
Richard J. Bowman State House 36
Jack Tate State House 37
Michael Fields State House 37
Kathleen Conti State House 38
Polly Lawrence State House 39
JulieMarie A. Shepherd State House 40
Mike Donald State House 42
Kevin M. Van Winkle State House 43
Jack Hilbert State House 44
Patrick Neville State House 45
Brian Mater State House 46
Alexander Lucero-Mugatu State House 46
Clarice Navarro State House 47
Steve Humphrey State House 48
Perry L. Buck State House 49
Isaia Aricayos State House 50
Brian DelGrosso State House 51
Donna Walter State House 52
Tim Bessler State House 53
Yeulin Willett State House 54
Dan Thurlow State House 55
Steven Acquafresca State House 55
Kevin Priola State House 56
Bob Rankin State House 57
Don Coram State House 58
J. Paul Brown State House 59
James D. "Jim" Wilson State House 60
Debra Irvine State House 61
Marcy Freeburg State House 62
Lori Saine State House 63
Bruce Sparrow State House 63
Timothy Dore State House 64
Jon Becker State House 65

CU Regent

John Carson
Candidate for CU Regent- CD 6

Kim McGahey
Candidate for  CU Regent- CD 2

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