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Colorado GOP calls on Hudak to apologize for misleading Coloradans

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo.—This afternoon, the Colorado Republican Committee called on state Sen. Evie Hudak to go to the Senate Floor on Friday and apologize for misrepresenting statistics she used in a shameful attempt to discredit a rape victim.

On Tuesday, Hudak, D-Westminster, told the victim who was testifying against a bill banning concealed-carry weapons on Colorado college campuses that--“statistics are not on your side even if you had a gun.”  Now, The Denver Post has reported that Hudak was not only disrespectful to a victim of rape, but was misrepresenting the statistics she cited from the Violence Policy Center.

“Sen. Hudak was profoundly disrespectful to a victim of rape who took the time out of her day to share her story and fight for the right of women to protect themselves from violent crimes,” Colorado Republican Committee Chairman Ryan Call said.  “Now we’re learning that Sen. Hudak was also misrepresenting the statics she cited.”

Hudak told the victim who was testifying that the data from the Violence Policy Center shows "for every one woman who used a handgun to kill someone in self-defense, 83 were murdered by them."  Yet the Center told The Denver Post that “no data exist for instances of a woman killed by a man who used her gun against her.”

“An apology won’t make up for Sen. Hudak’s hurtful words, but it is simply the right thing for her to do,” Call added.  “Before Sen. Hudak tows the Democratic Party line and votes to make it more difficult for women to protect themselves from violent criminals, she must stand on the Floor of the state Senate and apologize for both her insensitive comments and for misleading Coloradans.”


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