Colorado Democrats Fight for Unions, Not Coloradans

Greenwood Village, Colorado – Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown released the following statement regarding the Democrats introducing SB22-230:

“Last year, the Colorado AFL-CIO said that they wouldn’t donate to the Colorado Democrats again until May of 2022, and then, only if they fixed the ‘rift.’ The introduction of SB22-230 is a blatant and bad faith play by Colorado Democrats to try and get back into the good graces of the AFL-CIO, at the expense of Colorado counties who are opposed to this top-down, mandated, and costly collective bargaining legislation. It’s estimated that this extreme legislation could cost counties across Colorado $400 million. Voters won’t forget that Democrats are fighting for the interests of the unions, not the interests of Coloradans.” 
  • In July of 2021, Dennis Dougherty, the Executive Director of the Colorado AFL-CIO released an email saying that the AFL-CIO would not be donating to the Colorado Democrat Party through various funds and PACs until May 2022 due to a perceived lack of responsiveness from the Colorado Democrats. It’s clear that SB22-230 was introduced to get Democrats back into the good graces of the AFL-CIO.
  • SB22-230 was introduced by Sen. Fenberg, Sen. Moreno, and Rep. Esgar and would mandate collective bargaining for Colorado counties and cost Colorado counties hundreds of millions of dollars. The Colorado Counties Inc (CCI) stated that this “unfunded mandate may result in cuts to essential services to our citizens.”