Environmental Group, Who Endorsed Michael Bennet Last Week, Purported To Have Close Ties With Russia
Greenwood Village, Colorado – Last week, Senator Michael Bennet accepted an endorsement from the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Committee. This action committee is run by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to fund political campaigns.

Today, members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee called on three environmental groups to “disclose their ties to a non-governmental organization which is, according to the committee, reportedly used by Russian President Vladimir Putin to make an impact on American energy production.”

One of those three groups that was named is the Natural Resources Defense Council.

The two others are the Sierra Club and League of Conservation Voters (LCV). The letter from Republicans on the House and Energy Commerce Committee ask the groups to disclose investments from the group “Sea Change” which has apparently been used as a “conduit for Russian funding.” 

All three groups have been identified as “top recipients” of Sea Change money since 2006. 

Senator Bennet touted his endorsement from the NRDC Action Fund. Bennet has also previously received financial support from the Sierra Club and been endorsed by the LCV, both groups also purported to have possible financial relationships with Russia. 

Question: In light of these serious questions, will Michael Bennet ask the NRDC and other environmental groups supporting him to cooperate and disclose whether they are currently receiving or have received money from Vladimir Putin and Russia via Sea Change? Does Bennet agree that Russian money should not be used by radical American environmental groups? If it is confirmed that NRDC and other pro-Bennet groups have ties to Russia, will Bennet disavow them and ask for an investigation?

“It’s time for Sen. Bennet to answer some real questions about the radical groups that he accepts donations and endorsements from. If the NRDC and other environmental groups did take money from Russia conduits, then there needs to be serious investigations into why and how this was allowed to occur. Does Senator Bennet stand with American energy or Russian money?” – COGOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown