Sen. Bennet flip- flops on filibuster when it suits Democrats

Senator Bennet has apparently completed his shameful flip-flop on the filibuster. Bennet’s spokesman confirmed that the senator “supports eliminating the upper-chamber’s 60-vote threshold.”  A slap in the face to those who support Democracy and Senate norms.

That’s quite the flip-flop from April 2017, when Republicans had control of the White House, Senate, House and Bennet chose to sign onto a bipartisan letter with 61 Senators – and 30 Democrats arguing that the Senate needed to “preserve the right of the Senate minority to delay or block legislation.”
Even when it would have benefitted Republicans, our Party held firm and chose not to change the filibuster. While Bennet seems happy flip-flopping on this now, the fact remains that he and Schumer have failed to show that they can even get the 51 votes necessary to pass Biden’s Build Back Broke agenda.

Let’s also not forget that Democrats used the filibuster last year to block bipartisan police reform legislation and bipartisan COVID-19 rescue packages. The hypocrisy from Bennet and his Party on this subject is pretty rich.

Statement from the Colorado GOP: “It’s sad, but not surprising, that Senator Bennet is once again choosing to play politics and flip-flop on what he previously told Coloradans. The fact remains that even though Democrats control the White House, Senate, and House, Senator Bennet still doesn’t have the clout to get anything passed for Colorado. My prediction is that even if the filibuster is scrapped, this failed senator still won’t be able to get 51 votes for his costly, far-left agenda.”