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Udall flip-flops on fracking bans as bipartisan coalition announces opposition

April 30, 2014

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo. – The Denver Post reports that the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, former Democrat Senator and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and 55 organizations are teaming up to combat potential initiatives that would severely limit energy development in Colorado. 

The new organization, Coloradans for Responsible Reform, formed because Democrat Congressman Jared Polis of Boulder is pushing as many as 12 anti-fracking initiatives onto the 2014 ballot.  The initiatives will severely limit energy development in Colorado, cost energy sector jobs and do tremendous damage to the state’s fragile economy. 

“This is a no brainer,” Colorado Republican Committee Chairman Ryan Call said.  “Anyone who cares about our state’s economic future and responsible energy development should oppose these radical ballot initiatives.  Unfortunately, Sen. Mark Udall has repeatedly refused to stand up for Colorado jobs and responsible energy development.” 

Udall’s position on fracking is impossible to nail down.

In June of 2013, Udall told The Huffington Post that local governments should be allowed to ban responsible energy development, saying: “Local communities have to have a say in if and where drilling occurs.”

Sounds like he’s in favor of fracking bans, right?

Well, when he was in Northern Colorado, a part of the state that relies heavily on the energy development to keep its economy afloat, Udall said: "I know and you know that fracking is not a threat to our communities when it is done safely and responsibly.”

So he’s in favor of fracking? 

Not so fast. 

When CBS 4 Denver asked him if he thought local governments should be allowed to ban fracking, he said: “That’s not really a discussion that’s been had. What I think communities want is to have a say.”  When pressed on whether he supports bans on fracking or not, Udall refused to say “yes” or “no.”   

“One only needs to look at Udall’s campaign coffers or turn on the TV to understand why his is standing in the way of Colorado jobs and American energy development.”   

Recently, the League of Conservation Voters, a radical environmental interest group that opposes responsible energy development, has poured millions in negative advertising against Republican U.S. Senate candidate Cory Gardner.  Udall also attended a fundraiser at the San Francisco mansion of mega-billionaire and extreme environmentalist Tom Steyer. 

“Cory has made it a point to fight for responsible energy production in order to create jobs, get America off of Middle Eastern oil and lower energy bills,” Call added.  “It’s clear that Udall doesn’t want to accomplish any of these goals.”


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