Release: COGOP Chair Kristi Burton Brown demands that Polis fire anti-rural appointee

Greenwood Village, Colorado – Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown released the following statement today demanding that Governor Polis fire anti-rural Colorado appointee, Ellen Kessler, from the Colorado Veterinary Board.

Kessler, a self-proclaimed animal rights activist, took to Facebook to attack Colorado ranchers who have lost livestock to wolves. At one point, Kessler stated, “… Would our lazy and nasty ranchers/cattlemen even raise a finger to make something like this work or is using a cow to bait the wolves their solution? A living cow doesn’t make money for them. Only a dead cow does. If the slaughterhouse doesn’t pay them for the carcass, they’ll blame the predators so the State will pay them for livestock lost from predators. What a racket. What a scam.”

Statement from Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown:

“Today, I’m demanding that Governor Polis do the right thing and fire this extreme, unfit, and embarrassing appointee from the State Board of Veterinary Medicine. Rural Coloradans have been under attack by the Democrats for years and it’s unacceptable that degrading and false rhetoric about our farmers and ranchers from the Polis Administration should be ignored. While this type of language is now mainstream in the Democrat Party, I know that Coloradans deserve better.”

Today, the Colorado GOP released an online petition demanding that Governor Polis fire Ellen Kessler from the Colorado Veterinary Board.

You can see that petition below: