The Advance Colorado New Leader Program is the perfect opportunity for individuals seeking a leadership role at the local or state level, the boardroom, the classroom or within their own neighborhood. New Leaders will take part in a 5-week program designed to motivate and sharpen the fundamental skills all leaders need to succeed. Participants will learn from and engage with a host of subject matter experts who can help promote leaders to the highest level of competence. New Leaders will also be given the opportunity to network with experts and elected officials who have seen the good, weathered the storms and achieved success at all levels of leadership. At the conclusion of the 5-week program, New Leaders will be given access to a rich library of resources to continue on their road to success as well as become part of a robust network that will encourage and support them throughout their leadership journey.

Presenters for this program include former Colorado Governor Bill Owens, Colorado Rising Action Executive Director Michael Fields, Maybell Group Principal Katie Behnke, Colorado Republican Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown, political consultant Dick Wadhams, and former Deputy Secretary of State Suzanne Taheri.

You can apply for the next class (begins August 23) here: There is NO COST for this training program. Acceptance to the program is limited.

A 6-month program, Accelerate will be a development and training school for limited government, free market, conservative people looking to make a difference in their communities, counties, and statewide. People who wish to run campaigns are also invited and welcome to apply. Students will be able to interact with experts and elected officials from every level of government to be able to hear real world experiences during the campaign process. At the end of the 6-month program, students in Accelerate will have all the tools necessary to run a successful campaign. We will teach students the nuts and bolts of how to run for office and the issues they must take into consideration. By the end of the program, each student will have an actionable Campaign Plan, ready to be implemented.

You can request an application for the next class here: The cost of this training program is $750 for the course. Acceptance to the program is limited.

E2W provides skill-based persuasion training in three formats including interactive group workshops, facilitated retreats, or individual coaching sessions. E2W can develop customized issue-oriented messaging that helps you master even the most complex issues for your website or other written communications — on any topic or goal, drawing your audience closer to your perspective, and your objective. We can develop your talking points and craft your spoken communications. We can prepare you to be your best most persuasive self while avoiding inartful pitfalls. E2W offers customized persuasive messaging and interview/campaign/speech preparation.

To set up a training, contact Lynette Lacerda at 970-688-0890 or online here: Half day of training is $2800, and a full day of training is $5100. E2W also charges “reasonable travel costs” to your location.

America First Republicans is a training, support and advocacy platform for Grassroots Conservative candidates who are not getting the help and support they need to run for public office and win! We are NOT a new political party; we just make political parties work better! We will locate, train, and support all AFR pledge candidates! We will conduct FREE outreach events, training and workshops in the communities! We will fight for our God given constitutional rights and keep America First!

AFR offers a variety of classes for candidates (often partnering with other organizations), listed here: The cost for this training program varies.

We offer real world political knowledge and experience to the future leaders of American communities. Youth today are lacking the foundational knowledge and tools to be positive contributors to their communities. Using our unique combination of experience and knowledge we provide youth with the tools to positively affect their communities. They will receive real world experience and guided learning so they can become effective future political leaders.

YFI offers a variety of classes, listed here: The cost for this training program varies.

We all want to turn our country around. But we all can’t run for office or give as much money as we’d like to the people and causes we love. So what can we do? You can turn the tables by investing a few hours a month giving back to your local community. Whether you’re a millennial or a retiree, we need your help! If you volunteer your time on a board or committee, you will have credibility/authority to speak into many issues. As a member of a board or committee you will be heard – you have a captive audience. We will teach the skills you will need to apply for local positions and to serve as an effective leader. The training includes: talk about the board/commission application process, learn what to expect once you are on a board, offer support as you serve your community. Our training classes also teach you how to put your own initiatives up for a vote – or at the very least fight the overreach of government through the ballot box.

Find the dates of the next class and register here: This training program is FREE.

Extra Trainings


Leadership Institute online Campaign Academy courses (cost is minimal):

Hillsdale College free online courses in the Constitution and U.S. Government: