ICYMI: Bennet (again) refuses to condemn Democrat primary meddling & dark money

Greenwood Village, CO – The hypocrisy of the flailing Michael Bennet campaign never seems to end.

Months after Democrats and dark money Democrat groups spent millions of dollars meddling in the Colorado GOP primaries pushing candidates who they touted as threats to Democracy, Michael Bennet, has once again refused to condemn this deeply hypocritical and misleading tactic.

In an interview with 9News, Michael Bennet repeatedly refused to condemn the Democrats for this meddling. Several former elected Colorado Democrats (Gov. Romer, Senator Hart, Senator Wirth, Rep. Schroeder) in August signed a letter condemning the tactic. They wrote at the time that they were “dismayed by the recent practice” employed by Democrats.

Apparently, Michael Bennet does not agree with their assesment.

Bennet, who was the intended beneficiary of their efforts, has not and will not condemn these tactics nor the dark money currently being spent on his behalf. In fact, the opposition research posted by the DSCC as a signal for outside groups to meddle in the GOP primary was created by staffer for Michael Bennet.

Jesse Paul of the Colorado Sun pointed out on Twitter that the ONLY dark money groups intervening in the #COSEN race are Democrat dark money groups.

Statement from Colorado GOP Executive Director Joe Jackson: “Michael Bennet will not be the recipient of any future ‘Profiles in Courage’ awards. After 13 years in Washington, it’s clear that Bennet is focused on playing the DC game to the very end.

“We’d advise Bennet to touch base with his boss, Chuck Schumer, before hypocritically attacking Schumer’s dark money efforts again. Coloradans will see through Bennet’s blatant hypocrisy and gaslighting. “