AG Weiser suggests punishment only after the “third or fourth car theft”

Greenwood Village, CO. – Last week Attorney General Phil Weiser and Republican candidate for AG, District Attorney John Kellner, spoke at their first joint appearance. Video has emerged showing that car theft in Colorado was one topic both were asked to address.

On camera, Weiser states that “after “a third or fourth car theft in say, three months, they should be kept in…you’ve gotta sense they’re going to get out and they’re going to commit more crimes.”

Colorado is #1 in the nation for auto thefts, and the rate of theft continues to rise disproportionately in our state compared to national averages — along with a substantially increased rate of violent crime.

Colorado’s skyrocketing car theft has been caused by policies exactly like the one Weiser apparently believes in: let car thieves off the hook again and again and again. Colorado families should not have to deal with multiple car thefts and invasions of their privacy before the state’s “top law enforcement officer” is willing to deal with it.

See the clip. 

Statement from Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown: “With pro-criminal advocates like Phil Weiser in charge, it’s no wonder Colorado remains #1 in the nation for car theft. Working families like mine are tired of having our cars stolen, hearing gunshots in our neighborhoods, and worrying about our children’s safety. Weiser and the Democrats clearly can’t keep Colorado safe. Voters will demand a change in November and elect successful Prosecutor John Kellner.”