Bennet blames Biden for moving space command to Alabama

Greenwood Village, Colorado – With a final decision on the relocation of Space Command to Alabama on the horizon, Senator Michael Bennet blamed President Biden for failing to reverse the decision. 

“Well I’m not the President so I can’t make the decision” 

Bennet has consistently refused to use his Senatorial powers to escalate the fight to keep Space Command in Colorado Springs. 

Several Democrats, including West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, secured major policy wins for their states in the recent reconciliation bill. Bennet was not among them, and voted against nearly every single amendment.

Bennet has also refused to pursue other pressure points to keep Space Command HQ in Colorado, like instituting holds on Biden nominees. 

Sen. Cory Gardner famously put holds on President Trump’s Department of Justice nominees until he received assurance from the former President the administration would not target Colorado’s legal marijuana industry. 

In addition to losing Space Command, Bennet also failed to prevent the Biden administration from moving the Bureau of Land Management headquarters to Grand Junction. Democrats like Bennet have previously blamed President Trump for relocating Space Command to Huntsville Alabama.

Bennet called the decision to move Space Command to Alabama corrupt, but now he’s passing the buck and blaming President Biden. 

If the decision was partisan and dangerous under Trump, why can’t Bennet and Biden reverse it now? Bennet could have leveraged the recent reconciliation bill or put holds on Biden nominees to keep Space Command in Colorado, but he’s chosen not to because of his loyalty to President Biden. We need to replace him with an independent leader who will actually fight for Colorado and act in the best interests of America’s national security.” – Joe Jackson, Colorado GOP Executive Director 

EDITORIAL: The world might soon know Space Command’s final destiny

Colorado Springs Gazette | Editorial Board

July 24 2022

Insiders say the country might have a final decision on the permanent location of Space Command in late July or early August. For the sake of the country’s safety and security, Americans — even those in the great state of Alabama — should hope it remains in Colorado Springs.

Among the informed, everyone knows former President Donald Trump awarded Space Command to Huntsville, Ala., for purely political reasons. Colorado voters trounced him and senatorial ally Cory Gardner in the 2020 election. Alabama chose Trump by 62%, and the state’s delegation fought harder than any other to overturn Biden’s election.

For that reason and more, it is hard to imagine why this nonsensical decision has stood for so long. President Joe Biden clearly despises Trump, as do most people who voted Trump out of office. Most members of the liberal-Democratic establishment despise Trump and talk about it incessantly.

It is easy to understand the anti-Trump sentiment, even among those who supported most of his policies. It is the way he talks and tweets and generally works to make enemies. Trump does not care much about anything his enemies say. He’s impervious to insults, converting them to personal motivation.

If Biden, his administration, his political base and his allies in Congress really wanted to bug Trump, they would play the Space Command card. They would overturn one of Trump’s lousiest, most spiteful and dangerous decisions by reversing it. Unlike words, the reversal of a decision made in vengeance would have Trump shrieking at the walls.