Big Night for Colorado Republicans


Aurora, Colorado – Colorado Republican Party Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown released the following statement this morning regarding historic wins by Republicans in key areas all across Colorado last night:

“Last night was the first big step in Colorado’s fight to elect responsible leaders who actually care about our state. I’m proud of our candidates and the inspired, energetic campaigns they waged all across our state. We won, in many areas that have recently been Democrat strongholds, because voters are sick and tired of the failed, costly, and listless decisions made by President Biden, Governor Polis, and Senator Bennet. 

“Education, public safety, and our alarmingly high cost of living are all issues that Coloradans are dealing with, and these are all issues that have gotten worse for our state under one-party, Democrat control. I look forward to more wins in 2022 as we continue to retake the suburbs and elect new leadership that will actually deliver for Coloradans.” 


– Won four total and now control the Aurora City Council
Steve Sundberg won in a ward where Dems outnumber us 2 to 1; Jono Scott won in a ward where Dems outnumber us 3 to 1.
– Flipped two seats (one at-large and Ward II) that were both previously held by Emerge candidates.
– Our candidates — Dustin Zvonek, Danielle Jurinsky, Steve Sundberg, and Jono Scott all won.

Douglas County — WE NOW CONTROL
– Won all four school board seats and now control the board
Our candidates — Mike Peterson, Becky Myers, Kaylee Winegar, Christy Williams.
– This was a huge win for Democrats in 2017 and shows that the suburbs don’t actually support socialists.

Westminster — WE NOW CONTROL
– Our mayor candidate, Nancy McNally, beat the Emerge Democrat current mayor, Anita Seitz.
– Our endorsed candidates won 2 at-large seats: Dave DeMott and Bruce Baker.
– It was a deadlocked City Council with 3 Rs, 3Ds, and 1 open seat. It is now a 4R, 2D, 1U

– Republicans won all four Ward seats up for election: Patrick McFall, Dana Foley, Steve Olson, and Jon Mallo.
– It was a Democrat-controlled Council with 3 Dems, 2 Democrat-aligned Us and 4 Rs. Now is a 6R majority council.

Grand Junction (Mesa Valley School Board) — WE NOW CONTROL
– All our candidates — Andrea Haitz, Willie Jones, and Angela Lema won, giving us an R-majority board and taking the Democrat board president’s seat.
– Was a Democrat-controlled board with 2Ds and 1 D-leaning U with only 2 Rs.

Woodland Park School Board — WE NOW CONTROL
– All four of our endorsements won, and we flipped the Dem controlled board and took the Democrat board president’s seat.

South Routt School Board — WE NOW CONTROL
– Became a 3R board majority with our candidates

Huerfano School Board — WE NOW CONTROL
– With victories by Debi Sporleder, Marcy Freeburg, and Jenna Fox, and the defeat of the Democrat School Board President, we now control the board.

Greeley-Evans District 6 School Board — WE NOW CONTROL
– Republicans won 4 out of the 7 school board seats and now control the board. Rob Norwood, Kyle Bentley, Taylor Sullivan, and Michael Matthews are the Republican candidates.


Alamosa School Board — flipped a Democrat seat and a Democrat-leaning U seat to two Republican seats.

El Paso — took the seat of the Democrat-leaning U board president in D20; our endorsed candidates won three seats in D20, D49, and D11. Republicans have now flipped all three boards.

Centennial — we kept our mayor and seats in Wards 1 & 3, flipped a Democrat seat in Ward 4 with Neal Davidson.

Thompson School District — flipped a Democrat-controlled U seat to our endorsed candidate, Nancy Rumfelt.

Won ALL of our endorsed seats in Greenwood Village, despite Dems attempt to punish the Council-members for backing the blue in a recent city council vote.

Brighton — our candidate, Jan Pawlowski, took the only Democrat seat on council.

Brighton School District — our candidate, Ashley Conn, flipped a Democrat seat.

Commerce City — our candidate, Sean Ford, took a U seat and made it an R.

Thornton — in Ward 3, a U we endorsed took a Democrat seat.