Caraveo admits that election factored into Democrats’ political TABOR stunt

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – State Rep. Yadira Caraveo, the handpicked Democrat nominee for CD-08, admitted on Colorado Point of View this weekend that the 2022 midterm election was a factor when it came to Democrats issuing TABOR refunds earlier than usual.

This proves what many Republican had been saying for months. That Democrats are using taxpayer dollars to help them in a tough political year.

Caraveo got called out by KDVR’s Matt Mauro for trying to take credit for the refunds after running on ending TABOR and voting to eliminate TABOR refunds for Coloradans.

In addition to that, Caraveo was a proponent of Prop CC in 2019 which aimed to take away TABOR refunds from Coloradans and give it to the government. Prop CC was rejected by a huge margin by Colorado voters.

Note: The Colorado Democrat platform specifically calls for the “repeal” of TABOR.

Statement from Colorado GOP Executive Director Joe Jackson: “I’m glad to see Yadira Caraveo admit publicly that the Democrats’ political TABOR stunt is just that, a political stunt deployed because it is a tough election year. Caraveo for years made ‘ending TABOR’ one of her top priorities, now she is shamelessly taking credit for the refunds she voted to eliminate. The voters of CD-08 will see through this pathetic gaslighting.”