COGOP Announces 18 State House & State Senate Candidates enrolled in GOP Summit Program

Greenwood Village, Colorado – Greenwood Village, Colorado. – The Colorado Republican Committee announced today that 18 State House and State Senate candidates are enrolled in the COGOP’s Summit Program.

The COGOP’s Summit Program is designed to emulate the National Republican Congressional Committee’s (NRCC) Young Guns Program and is focused on assisting strong candidates for the Colorado State House and Colorado State Senate in achieving important goals, benchmarks, and fundamentals that are critical to any winning campaign. There are three phases to the Summit Program that candidates will be completing between now and October. We look forward to announcing additional phase completions and Summit candidates in the coming weeks.

So far since the June primary, these candidates have made close to half a million voter contacts, are running on the Commitment to Colorado messaging, and are engaged in grassroots, substance-based campaigns.

The Democrats in the legislature have failed the people of Colorado these past few years. They have gone to Denver and pushed through tax and fee increases, enlarged the size of the state government and budget, passed criminal friendly laws that have undermined public safety, and have forced through legislation and programs that have increased the cost of living for Colorado’s families. These Republican candidates are problem solvers who will fight for all four corners of Colorado.

“I’m thrilled to announce the initial candidates of the Colorado GOP’s Summit Program. Our candidates are working hard and are serious about winning. These Summit Program candidates have invested in themselves and are working towards important goals that will put them in the best spot to win in November. It’s clear that our movement and candidates are more energized, passionate, and excited than we have ever seen before. I’m proud of these candidates who have stepped up and are completing the Summit Program. Their hard work will pay off come November.” – COGOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown

The list of Summit Candidates by phase is as follows:

Phase 1:

–       Matt Solomon (SD-08)
–       Guillermo Diaz (HD-01)
–       Dan Montoya (HD-28)
–       Stacie Dougherty (HD-33)
–       Stephanie Hancock (HD-41)
–       Katie Lehr (HD-49)
–       Carol Riggenbach (HD-62)

Phase 2:

–       Stephen Varela (SD-03)
–       Dennis Hisey (SD-11)
–       Tim Walsh (SD-20)
–       Courtney Potter (SD-24)
–       Tom Kim (SD-27)
–       Savannah Wolfson (HD-26)
–       Heidi Pitchforth (HD-31)
–       Kevin Allen (HD-34)
–       Jaylen Mosqueira (HD-38)
–       Shelli Shaw (HD-59)
–       Dave Woolever (HD-61)