COGOP Calls on Jena Griswold to condemn and demand that the “blatantly false” anti-Pam Anderson ad being run by the Griswold Super PAC be taken down

Durango, Colorado. – Today, the Colorado GOP is calling on Secretary of State Jena Griswold to do the right thing and publicly call for the lie filled anti-Pam Anderson ad being run by the pro Griswold Super PAC to be removed from the air:

What are they saying about the ad? CBS 4 did a reality check: 

❌ “It is among the most blatantly dishonest ads I’ve ever seen.”
❌ “That’s completely baseless”
❌ “That too, is a complete distortion of her position”
❌ “The next claim, the most absurd of all”
❌ “That is a shameless smear tactic”

Statement from Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown: “Today, I’m calling on Jena Griswold to do the right thing and publicly condemn and call for this scurrilous and ‘blatantly false’ ad being run by a pro – Jena Griswold Super PAC to be removed. CBS 4 went through the ad, claim by claim, and found every claim to be either a complete distortion, ‘completely baseless’ or just a ‘smear tactic.’ Jena Griswold is hurting our electoral system and our Democracy by standing by and doing nothing while complete lies are spread to help her failing campaign.

“Voters shouldn’t be lied to and that is what is happening here.”

WATCH: CBS 4 Reality Check: First-ever attack ad in a Colorado Secretary of State race?