COGOP Statement regarding SOS Failures & Pueblo County Clerks Repeated Mistakes

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown released the following statement today regarding the continuing problems getting correct ballots to voters in Pueblo County:

“Today, we are calling on Jena Griswold to do in Pueblo County what she has chosen to do in counties run by Republican Clerks – appoint an election supervisor to oversee Democrat Clerk Bo Ortiz. Some Pueblo County voters have now received FOUR different versions of their ballots. These mistakes have risen to a level that can only negatively impact the trust that voters have in Colorado’s election system.  It’s time for Jena to stop protecting her fellow Democrat and appoint a supervisor to get this election back on track. She should also immediately replace Ortiz with a Designated Election Official who can ensure safety in Pueblo County’s elections – both primary and general.

“In addition to appointing an election supervisor and replacing Ortiz, we also recommend that Jena spend more time doing her job supervising elections rather than auditioning for her next role on MSNBC. The fact that many Pueblo County voters have received several different ballots has caused confusion, will ensure that mistakes are made, and puts both local and statewide campaigns in a difficult spot. All voters in Colorado should have confidence that our elections are being run in a fair and non-partisan manner. It’s clear that both Jena Griswold and Bo Ortiz have failed in that regard. With only 7 days to go in this primary election, it’s time for someone competent to be appointed in Pueblo.

“Finally, since Jena has failed to communicate this to Pueblo County voters, we will. It is imperative that you vote the final replacement ballot sent to you, cast your vote in all races, and return it by June 28th.”