Colorado Democrats in Disarray Over Fentanyl Crisis
Greenwood Village, Colorado – Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown released the following statement regarding the failure of Colorado Democrats to listen to law enforcement and families on fentanyl laws:
“Families across Colorado have lost loved ones at an alarming rate since Gov. Polis and the Democrats chose to decriminalize fentanyl in 2019. Over 600 deaths have been directly tied to this law. Since 2019, Colorado’s fentanyl death rate has increased by 529% while the nation has increased by 102%. Even after hours of testimony from families and law enforcement, the Colorado Democrats still refuse to make all possession of fentanyl a felony. If Jared Polis really believes that fentanyl is “more like anthrax,” and “a poison,” why did he decriminalize it in 2019? Why can’t he convince his own Party – that has a super majority in the legislature – to make all possession a felony and listen to the advice of law enforcement? He’s a weak Governor who should answer for his failure to save lives and stop the drug crisis.”