Colorado Democrats raise health insurance rates

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – The Colorado Democrats have failed Colorado families, again.

This is the first time that Coloradans can buy insurance from the Colorado Option, the new health insurance program that Governor Polis signed into law, touted, and was supported by Rep. Caraveo, Rep. Pettersen, Rep. Roberts and Democrats in Denver.

Polis, Caraveo, Pettersen and almost every Democrat in Denver supported the Public Health Option bill and they said it would lower costs. Every Republican opposed it.

What happened? Those buying through the exchange without an employer will see rate INCREASES of 10.4 percent and rates for small employers (up to 100 employees) will see rates increase by 7.4 percent.

That’s a lot of increases for families who are already paying more for electricity, gas, or groceries because of the failed inflationary policies of Joe Biden and Michael Bennet.

The Colorado Association of Health Plans stated to CPR that the decisions made by Polis were “fundamentally contradictory to the stated goal of saving people money on healthcare.”

Colorado Health Care Future said that Polis is “attempting to put a positive spin on the failure of this new government -controlled health insurance system.” 

It seems the only option Coloradans are seeing is an increase in costs because of Polis, Caraveo, Pettersen, and this failed Democrat legislature.

Statement from Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown: “Under Democrat control in Denver and Washington, Colorado is seeing record high inflation that is hurting working families. Now they will be paying more for healthcare because Democrats chose to create a massive new government controlled health insurance boondoggle that is actually raising health insurance costs.

“The bottom line is that Polis, Caraveo, Pettersen and every Democrat in the legislature supported legislation that is now increasing health costs for Coloradans.”