Colorado GOP Calls on Adam Frisch “Aspen Adam” to Withdraw from CD-03 Race

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown this morning released a statement calling on Adam Frisch, the Democrat nominee for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District, to drop out of the race following the unacceptable facts exposed by Breitbart:

“Today, I’m calling on Adam Frisch, commonly known as ‘Aspen Adam’, to do the honorable thing and withdraw from this Congressional race. Any elected official who has made themselves subject to blackmail can’t be an effective representative for Colorado families. While many things within this story are disturbing, it’s clear to most that Adam does not have the temperament, the morals, the backbone, or the judgement needed to be a successful elected official. We need elected officials who are working for Colorado families, not trying to protect themselves from criminal positions they put themselves in.

“I hope Colorado Democrat Chairwoman Morgan Carroll will join me in doing the right thing and publicly call on Mr. Frisch to withdraw from this race.”

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