Did Bennet vote for & does he support Elisabeth Epps?
Greenwood Village, Colorado. – Sen. Michael Bennet is a registered voter in House District 6 in Denver, a seat that ended up turning into one of the mostly hotly contested Democrat primaries of 2022. The race was between the eventual winner and anti-Semite (see below), progressive darling, Elisabeth Epps, and the losing establishment favorite, Katie March.

Since this race was so close and so divisive for Colorado Democrats, it begs the question: who did Senator Michael Bennet, an HD-06 voter, vote for and why?

Did Bennet stand with the losing Colorado Democrat establishment and support dirty campaigner Katie March or did he vote for Elisabeth Epps, the far-left’s favorite?

Nevertheless, now that the race has been called for Epps, another question has to be asked. Will Senator Bennet endorse and campaign for Democrat HD-06 nominee Elisabeth Epps? Will he condemn the anti-Semitic and extreme comments that Epps has previously made?

At one point, Epps even said that she couldn’t be a candidate for public office because she does not value the lives of U.S. service-members over those of terrorists like Osama Bin Laden. A shocking and sickening statement. Does Bennet agree with Epps? Will he condemn it?

Statement from Colorado GOP: Coloradans deserve leaders who are honest with them. The fact is that Elisabeth Epps is a far-left and anti-Semitic radical. Voters deserve to know whether or not Bennet, a leader of the Colorado Democrat Party, voted for her and whether or not he will support her moving forward?