Fenberg & the Democrat Party knew | Pete Lee indictment invites additional questions

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – The news of Democrat Senator Pete Lee’s felony indictment and the fact that Democrat Senate President Fenberg continued to empower Lee to serve as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee and allowed him to serve on the state’s Commission on Judicial Discipline while knowing about Lee’s falsified residency scheme is deeply concerning.

Even more concerning is the Colorado Democrat Party’s apparent role in this coverup and illegal action.

The Colorado Democrat Party told 9News that they couldn’t comment because they just learned about the issue. That is false. In June of 2020, Sen. Lee stated that he had been connected with the lawyer for the Colorado Democrat Party, Martha Tierney, by Democrat State President Steve Fenberg. This would suggest that Colorado Democrat Party Chairwoman Morgan Carroll was also aware of this lie to Colorado voters – and furthermore, chose to stay quiet and protect Lee.

What is concerning is that so many Democrat leaders were aware of this illegal deception – and chose to do nothing. This tape obtained by 9News makes it clear that both Fenberg and the Colorado Democrat Party were aware of this illegal activity in June of 2020. Shockingly, they took no action, and furthermore chose to give Lee more power and control concerning Colorado’s judiciary in both 2021 and 2022.

The tape also makes it clear that Sen. Lee was aware that what he was doing was illegal and knew that it was a felony.

Ironically, the two Democrats coming to Sen. Lee’s defense are Rochelle Galindo who resigned in 2019 amidst sexual-misconduct allegations and Rep. Matt Gray who isn’t running for re-election in 2022 because of a recent arrest for a DUI at his child’s school.

Statement from Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown: “It’s clear that Democrat Sen. Pete Lee conspired with Senate President Steve Fenberg and the Colorado Democrat Party to try and keep this falsification from the Colorado people. Furthermore, while these Democrat leaders knew about this illegal activity they took no action and instead chose to further empower Sen. Lee. It’s pathetic and proves why people continue to lose faith in our government and leaders. I urge Morgan Carroll and Steve Fenberg to come forward and be honest about this concerning scheme.