ICYMI: Weiser tries (and fails) to claim he isn’t Colorado’s “Chief Law Enforcement Officer”

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – Crime is out of control in Colorado under the failed leadership of Attorney General Phil Weiser, Colorado’s “Chief Law Enforcement Officer.”

Under Weiser, Colorado has seen a crime tsunami. #1 in auto thefts, #1 in bank robberies, #1 in cocaine usage. 

That’s why it was odd that at the Club 20 debate on Saturday Weiser repeatedly refused to answer whether or not he is the “Chief Law Enforcement Officer.” 

Instead, he tried again and again to avoid answering the question from Republican DA and Republican AG nominee John Kellner.

After Kellner asked the question for a third time, Weiser replied and said that he is more like a “coach” and a “collaborator.”

Well, Colorado should fire this failed “coach” because he has put the lives of our citizens at risk with his soft on crime record.