Latest poll shows Pettersen-Biden falling apart in CD-07

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – It looks like things are going from bad to worse for Democrats here in Colorado. Far-left extremist Brittany Pettersen, who is running in the 7th Congressional district, a district Biden won in 2020 by 15 points, is only leading Republican Erik Aadland by 2 points.

The poll conducted by Meet Street Insights showed that Aadland was in a statistical dead heat with Pettersen, with 42 percent to Aadland and 44 percent to Pettersen.

Last week, the latest election ratings from the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics shifted two Colorado House races (CD-08 & CD-07) towards the GOP.

It should be noted that Pettersen has been a major supporter of Biden. Biden also endorsed Pettersen in her 2018 race. This poll showed that Biden’s approval rating was “underwater by 23 points.”

One interesting note from the polling memo“Both Aadland and Pettersen have nearly identical image ratings, but the data shows voters who have heard of both candidates prefer Aadland by a 15-point margin on the ballot test (53% Aadland – 38% Pettersen).”

Statement from Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown: “Brittany Pettersen is an extremist career politician who when given power in the legislature chose to raise taxes on working families, decriminalize fentanyl, and pushed heroin injection sites in our neighborhoods. Meanwhile, Erik Aadland is a distinguished combat veteran who has helped create jobs and promised not to become a career politician. Voters know that Pettersen will just be an automatic vote for Biden’s failed agenda, that is why most are already saying no to Brittany Pettersen.”