McCluskie Admits She Doesn’t Support TABOR

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – Rep. Julie McCluskie this weekend reaffirmed what Coloradans already know – the Democrats’ position on TABOR is hypocritical and a blatant election year campaign trick.

At the Club 20 debate, David Buckley the Republican candidate for HD-13 confronted Rep. Julie McCluskie about the fact that she was touting the $750 TABOR refund checks in her campaign mailers – Mr. Buckley immediately then asked McCluskie whether she supports TABOR?

Rep. McCluskie answered: “Mr. Buckley, I do NOT support TABOR.”

Apparently Rep. McCluskie saw no issue touting the TABOR checks in her tough reelection fight all while not actually supporting TABOR.

Just last week, Jared Polis released an ad which was promptly called out by many for lying. Polis included the TABOR refunds in his ad and made it seem like he was responsible. As many will remember, Polis and the Democrats have spent the past decade fighting to undermine and destroy TABOR. 

Statement from Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown: “Colorado Democrats love to lie and claim responsibility for these TABOR refund checks during a tough election year, however they have spent years undermining TABOR. Rep. McCluskie touting the refunds in a campaign mail piece and then stating she actually doesn’t support TABOR should show every Colorado voter that Polis and the Democrats are just using TABOR as a campaign trick to get re-elected. It’s a bald faced lie and it is politics at its worst.”