Missing In Action: Colorado Democrats Snub Western Slope & Rural Colorado

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – Colorado Democrats have not hidden their disdain for rural Colorado these past few years but this weekend several of them chose to thumb their noses yet again at rural Coloradans and those living on the Western Slope. 

For nearly seven decades, Club 20 has been known as an organization dedicated to advocating for Western Slope counties, businesses, and way of life. The organization has worked to support increased infrastructure, public lands, air service, and tourism. All issues important to Colorado and our future.

Apparently those are things that Michael Bennet, Jared Polis, and Jena Griswold want nothing to do with. 

All three chose to ignore the invite to Club 20 this year. 

While there will surely be other debates this year, Club 20 is a debate that is specifically focused on issues that impact the Western Slope and life in that part of our state. It’s disappointing to see these Democrats admit how little they care about those issues and those citizens.

Where were these Colorado Democrats and why couldn’t they show up for Colorado’s Western Slope?

  • Where was Jena Griswold? Apparently she chose to spend her day at a comically failed photo op in Fort Morgan where only a few people chose to show up.
  • Bennet posted no photos from any events this weekend. We assumed he quietly spent his weekend at home in Washington D.C.
  • Polis? Looks like he spent Friday at home in Boulder and just chose not to show up.

Although, maybe Polis, Bennet and Griswold just knew they couldn’t defend their failed record and didn’t even want to try. AG Weiser however chose to show up and then painfully tried to avoid stating he is our state’s top “law enforcement officer” …. even though he is.

Statement from Colorado GOP Executive Director Joe Jackson: “It’s sad that Michael Bennet, Jared Polis, and Jena Griswold have all chosen to give the Western Slope the middle finger. The Republican slate is unified in our party’s desire to always fight for every county in Colorado and show up for every Coloradan. It’s disheartening that our current elected Democrats don’t share those Colorado values. Coloradans will reject Democrats this November in the same way Democrats have rejected rural Colorado.”