New Ad: Michael Bennet’s Greed

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – The Colorado Republican Committee today released a new ad titled “Greed,” which highlights how Senator Michael Bennet profited off of the collapse of Puerto Rico while being one of the least effective members of the Senate.

Statement from Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown: “Michael Bennet is the definition of a DC insider. While Coloradans are struggling because of the Biden policies he has supported, Bennet has gotten paid. Coloradans deserve a senator who is focused on our state, not someone who is focused on making himself richer. Coloradans will send Joe O’Dea to the Senate in 14 days.”


  • Recent reporting from the Daily Beast shows that Michael Bennet made up to $1 million betting on Puerto Rico’s economy to collapse, which increased his net worth to a total of up to $31.2 million.
  • Meanwhile, Bennet consistently ranks as one of the least effective members of the Senate. As reported in the Colorado Sun, the University of Virginia and Vanderbilt University’s Center for Effective Lawmaking found that Bennet ranked 41st out of 45 Democratic senators when it comes to effectiveness. 
  • In 13 years in the Senate, Bennet has been the original prime sponsor of only 1 bill that’s been signed into law.