Partisan Democrat organization who endorsed Bennet, Caraveo & CO Dems falsely says a miscarriage is an abortion

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – Today, a spokeswoman for Cobalt, a left-wing, partisan organization focused exclusively on abortion, falsely stated that any woman who has suffered a miscarriage has actually had an abortion.

This all started when the spokeswoman went on Twitter and falsely stated that Heidi Ganahl, who confided she had suffered a miscarriage, had actually had an abortion.

According to most respected sources, this is completely false and a deeply misleading and harmful statement.

Not only is this statement from Cobalt’s partisan spokeswoman false but it is an attack on woman and those who have suffered the devastation of a miscarriage. 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage.

Dr. Brent Boles, who has delivered babies for 30 years stated it is “immoral – to misrepresent this and to make women who have had a miscarriage think they did something wrong by getting a D&C to take care of that miscarriage. That’s atrocious, to misrepresent the facts in such a way.”

To be clear, suffering from a miscarriage or ending an ectopic pregnancy is not an abortion.

This isn’t the first time that the partisan Cobalt spokeswoman went on Twitter and falsely said that an elective abortion is the same as a woman who tragically suffers a miscarriage.

Cobalt has endorsed Michael Bennet, Yadira Caraveo, Brittany Pettersen, Jared Polis, Jason Crow, Phil Wesier and a slew of other Democrats in Colorado. All of them have made abortion the center piece of their campaigns so they should have to answer the following question.


Question for Caraveo, Bennet, Polis, Pettersen, Crow: Do you agree with the misrepresentation stated by Cobalt’s spokeswoman that any woman who has suffered a tragic miscarriage actually had an elective abortion? 

Statement from COGOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown: “This is a cruel statement from a Democrat affiliated organization and one that Caraveo, Bennet, and all Colorado Democrats should call out and condemn IMMEDIATELY. Women who have suffered from a miscarriage shouldn’t be lied to by Democrats and accused of having an elective abortion. This statement is an attack on all the women in Colorado who have suffered a miscarriage.”