Partisan hack Jena Griswold says the quiet part out loud

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – Everyone in Colorado knows that Jena Griswold is a partisan hack – but it seems this week she said the quiet part out loud.

In an interview with Aspen Public Radio, Griswold admitted that she is focused on “making sure that voters in Democrat leaning counties have elections that they deserve as Colorado citizens.”

Yes, Griswold is admitting that she views her job through the lens of blue counties and red counties and that her priority is that Democrat counties have the “elections they deserve.”

Her priority isn’t ensuring that EVERY county, regardless of their historical political lean, has the resources and security necessary to provide safe elections.

Statement from Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown: “Jena Griswold is a partisan hack and here she is admitting it. For 3 and a half years Griswold has undermined the bipartisanship of our elections. The fact that she said the quiet part out loud in this interview proves that she shouldn’t be anywhere near the Secretary of State’s office.”