Phil Weiser Has Record of Corruption

Lamar, Colorado. – Investigative reporting by the Denver Gazette now shows that Phil Weiser is returning donations from owners and employees of a cable company he treated differently in investigations and settlements.

Dish Network, a cable TV provider, was given a notably better deal than Comcast or DirecTV by Weiser – after engaging in the same kind of consumer fraud but also after donating large sums to Weiser’s campaign. Executives, employees, and attorneys of Dish Network donated tens of thousands collectively to Weiser’s campaign – far over and above what people from the other two companies donated. Dish was the only one of the three companies that was not required to refund any money to its customers after defrauding them.

Weiser campaigns on preventing consumer fraud, but his record demonstrates that his opposition to fraud does not extend to companies and owners who donate high amounts to his re-election campaign. The owner of Dish and its attorneys met with Weiser at an Attorney General Alliance event – where corporations engage in a pay to play scheme to get access to Attorneys General – and were soon after given the best settlement of the three cable providers.

After the Denver Gazette’s report, Weiser’s campaign now claims it will return all contributions from anyone associated with Dish Network – further proof that Weiser was caught in corruption and that he is only doing the right thing now because it threatens his re-election.

Statement from Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown: “Colorado deserves an Attorney General who will fight consumer fraud equally instead of allowing his corporate donors to escape without consequence. Phil Weiser has demonstrated again and again that he can be bought. The only way to build a safer Colorado is to elect an Attorney General who won’t sell justice out to the highest bidder. As a prosecutor and a Marine, John Kellner knows how to seek equal justice under the law, and he will never sell Coloradans out to corporations or donors trying to escape from the consequences of their bad conduct.”