Polis uses taxpayer dollars for political stunt

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – Jared Polis and Colorado Democrats are embarking on another political stunt, this time however it is funded by the Colorado taxpayers.

For weeks Polis and the Democrats have lied to Coloradans and tried to take credit for the TABOR refunds that Coloradans are entitled to receive.

What is more concerning than this is the fact that Polis is now using these TABOR refunds as a way to promote his campaign for re-election. Polis is spending millions of taxpayer dollars to send a letter, from himself, to every recipient claiming credit for the refunds. The taxpayer funded letter has Polis’ name on it THREE separate times, but fails to mention TABOR once.

This letter comes after Polis and the Democrats have spent years trying to repeal TABOR and ensure that Colorado families don’t actually receive their money back.

Republicans in the State House ran an amendment this past year on the budget saying that no official’s likeness could be associated with the checks or related documents. The Democrats in the legislature chose to kill that on a voice vote. Now it looks like it was killed so Polis could use the checks to increase his name ID even further heading into the final months of the election.

Reminder: TABOR is the only reason Coloradans are receiving this money back. Polis, Young and other Democrat legislative leaders were proponents of Prop CC in 2019 which would’ve taken these refunds away and given it to the government.

Ironically, today while the Democrats are trying to take credit for these refunds, they are also holding a press conference to push Ballot Proposition 108, which would actually take money from Coloradans’ TABOR refunds.

Statement from Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown: “This is the definition of using taxpayer dollars for personal benefit. Jared Polis, Dave Young, and Democrats in the legislature are lying to Coloradans and trying to take credit for TABOR, a policy they have spent years trying to repeal and destroy. We will be filing a campaign finance complaint because this taxpayer funded letter is indistinguishable from a campaign mailer.”