ProgressNow fined by Colorado SOS for primary interference mailers

Greenwood Village, Colorado – Many will remember the shameless way that Democrats, Chuck Schumer, and Democrat aligned dark money groups chose to spend millions of dollars to meddle in the Republican primary back in June. 

Well, one of those dark money groups, ProgressNow, has now been fined by the Colorado Secretary of State’s office for part of their spending in that primary. 

According to the SOS settlement filing, ProgressNow agreed to a $16,277 penalty over the hundreds of thousands of dollars in “Colorado Voter Guides” they sent out without proper disclaimers. 

“Colorado Voter Guides” is a trade name of ProgressNow. They sent four different mailers costing nearly $500,000 pushing their narrative with inaccurate disclaimers. 

Democrats in total spent what most people think is north of $10 million dollars to try and meddle in the Colorado GOP primary in June 2022. Many of their mailers either didn’t have any disclaimers at all, had misleading disclaimers, or just completely lied to voters about the candidates.

Alan Franklin, the deputy political director of the ProgressNow, was the signer on the settlement that saw ProgressNow fined for their actions during the Colorado GOP primary.

ProgressNow settled for a 3.5% fine when most groups who do this get a 10% fine, indicating more bias and partisan politics on Secretary Jena Griswold’s part.

Colorado GOP Executive Director Joe Jackson: “I’m glad to see that these hypocritical and poorly run dark money Democrat groups are starting to be held responsible for their false advertisements sent out during the Colorado primaries. It’s beyond parody that Democrats chose to spend millions of dollars to try and elect the same individuals they were also claiming were threats to Democracy.  I look forward to seeing additional bad actors and Democrat groups held responsible. It is sad to see just how far ProgressNow and their influence has fallen.”