Sen. Bennet admits he makes stock trading decisions based on Senate negotiations

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – Senator Bennet this morning admitted to making stock trading decisions based on Senate negotiations.

Yes, this is the same Michael Bennet who is currently running an ad that touts what he says are his efforts to “Stop Senators and Congressman from making personal stock trades.”

Appearing on Bloomberg TV, Bennet said that he was not “buying or selling any stocks based on [the reconciliation bill] because we don’t know where Sen. Sinema is going to be.”

However, Bennet is not currently a sponsor or cosponsor of the Ban Congressional Stock Trading Act or any other similar legislation. Colorado Senator John Hickenlooper is however a cosponsor of that legislation.

This just proves how much of an election year phony Michael Bennet truly is. You would think that Bennet and his staff would introduce legislation or cosponsor something before making it a centerpiece of their failing campaign strategy. Maybe he was too busy talking with his stockbroker to consider that?

Statement from Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown: “It’s shocking that Michael Bennet is now admitting that he makes investments based on Senate negotiations. Bennet says one thing in Colorado about banning members of Congress from making stock trades, yet when he is in DC, touts the fact that he won’t be making any stock moves until he knows where Sen. Sinema stands. Colorado deserves a senator who is fighting for us, not their own pocketbooks.”