Sen. Bennet’s buddy, Rep. Perlmutter, to become lobbyist as Bennet touts failed efforts to ban lawmakers from becoming lobbyists

Greenwood Village, Colorado. – In Michael Bennet’s first ad, as well as in ads in 2016 and 2010, he proudly stated that he is “fighting to ban members of Congress from becoming lobbyists.”

Well now someone he is good friends with and was pictured with this past weekend, retiring Colorado representative Ed Perlmutter, has announced that he is in talks to join a large DC or Denver lobbying firm once he leaves Congress.

Did Perlmutter tell Bennet this past weekend of his plans to join a fancy DC or Denver lobbying firm?

What does Bennet think about Perlmutter using his influence to try and become a lobbyist?

Bennet has had 12 years to get this bill through Congress and yet he still hasn’t accomplished anything. In fact, he has only passed ONE bill during his time in Congress. The only time anyone hears about this lobbyist banning effort is when Bennet is running for re-election.

Statement from Colorado GOP Executive Director Joe Jackson: “Bennet seems to only care about this issue when he is running for re-election. His pathetic silence on this issue when it is a Democrat and a friend becoming a lobbyist is predictably what Coloradans have come to expect from this Biden rubber stamp of a senator. Maybe Bennet will join Perlmutter’s lobbying firm in DC when he loses in November.”