Sen. Hart & Gov. Romer: Democrat meddling in Colorado GOP primary = “unethical” & “destructive”

Greenwood Village, CO. – Former Colorado Governor Roy Romer and former Colorado Senator Gary Hart showed leadership this week that neither Senator Bennet nor Governor Polis have been willing to do. The former Colorado Democrat leaders signed a letter denouncing the unprecedented election interference that Democrats have done in GOP primaries.

The Democrats spent more than $10 million dollars in Colorado to elevate Joe O’Dea’s primary opponent, they also spent millions for Ganahl and Kirkmeyer’s opponents. The Democrats’ efforts failed but have worked in other states. Millions of the money spent in the GOP Colorado Senate primary came from Chuck Schumer.

Romer and Hart’s letter say that the Democrat meddling in the GOP primary is “unethical” and “destructive.” 

What has Michael Bennet said about this unprecedented meddling? Nothing. He and his campaign continue to ignore legitimate questions.

Reporters should ask Bennet, Polis, and Caraveo whether or not they agree with what Romer and Hart said? If not, they should explain why they support this undermining of Democracy. 

Statement from Colorado GOP Executive Director Joe Jackson: “It is a sad day for the Democrat Party when the only Democrats showing leadership are ones who served in the 1980’s. Michael Bennet and Jared Polis have both shamefully been silent on this election interference aimed at helping them. I appreciate both Governor Romer and Senator Hart doing the right thing and showing leadership, I just wish Bennet and Polis would follow their lead.”