Statement: Democrat State Representative indicted on multiple felony charges

Greenwood Village, Colorado – Statement from Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown on the felony indictments of Democrat State Representative Tracey Bernett:

“The people of HD-12 deserve a representative in Denver who actually lives in this district and who knows the issues facing these citizens. Tracey Bernett is not that voice. Bernett disenfranchised Colorado voters by lying about where she voted and where she lives and in effect, undermined our democracy. It’s also concerning to me that Jena Griswold apparently didn’t do her job or was complicit in this illegal deceit of voters that threatens democracy. How Bernett’s candidate affidavit was accepted by the SOS office is a question that should be asked. I’m confident voters will throw out these Democrats who will do and say anything to hold power in a few days. This is a win for all honest Coloradans, no one is above the law in this state or country.”