Statement: Democrats Sacrifice Public Safety and Sell Out to Unions

Greenwood Village, Colorado – Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown released the following statement regarding SB22-230:

In the aftermath of COVID, and in the middle of record-setting inflation, Jared Polis and the Democrats in the legislature are now trying to pass one of the largest unfunded mandates in state history. The collective bargaining bill, SB22-230, would cost counties at least $400 million. It would take this money out of employees’ paychecks, away from emergency services, and into the campaign coffers of Democrats.

Just last July, the Colorado Sun reported that the Colorado AFL-CIO would withhold campaign donations from Democrats until after the legislative session. They promised not to resume donating to Democrat campaigns unless and until they were treated like “authentic partners.” With SB22-230, Jared Polis and the Colorado Democrats are choosing to partner with unions at the cost of bankrupting Colorado’s counties.

Rep. Daneya Esgar, sponsor of SB22-230, has historically received 30% of her campaign donations from unions. Other Democrats supporting SB22-230 are used to having unions pour in for their campaigns, including Democrats running in swing legislative seats this year like Reps. Tom Sullivan, Lisa Cutter, Kyle Mullica, and Dylan Roberts.

Statement from COGOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown:
“Democrats are using this collective bargaining bill to betray Coloradans. While we suffer under record-high inflation and a cost of living most families can’t afford, Jared Polis and his legislative allies are asking us to pay $400 million more out of our local governments. They would rather sell out to get donations from unions than make sure our families can have fire and ambulance services. They’re sacrificing our safety in an attempt to buy their seats. Voters should be angry at this cruel betrayal.”

Quotes from County Commissioners:

“County commissioners are elected by our voters to properly manage their tax dollars. This bill defies the will of local voters and takes away county commissioners’ ability to do the job our residents elected us to do. The dual burden of reducing county services while increasing county budgets is a ‘no-win’ scenario for residents under normal circumstances—but it is even a crueler irony for this bill to be considered during these times of rising inflation and global uncertainty.” – Commissioner Scott James, Weld County

“In Prowers County, we have had property values declining and with rural Colorado struggling to attract new businesses, this bill will devastate our county. If just one department votes collective bargaining, the effects on my small county will mean layoffs and services cut, just to have a balanced budget.” – Commissioner Wendy Buxton-Andrade, Prowers County

“With the increase to our budget we will have to cut services and that means slower response times from our law enforcement and ambulance services. Taxpayers deserve better!” — Commissioner Byron Pelton, Logan County