Weiser admits what we all know… crime under his watch is out of control

Greenwood Village, CO. – On Saturday, AG Weiser’s official twitter page posted a tweet which highlights the failed leadership of Weiser and Polis when it comes to out of control crime in Colorado.

The tweet advised that Coloradans should now be purchasing specific car insurance that covers the crimes that Weiser and Colorado Democrats have chosen to make easier for criminals. The message states that an average of 713 vehicles per week were stolen in Colorado in 2021. Yes, that is a stat that the AG’s office is actually highlighting.

The tweet also states that Colorado car owners should purchase “insurance that covers your car and your catalytic converter if stolen.” 

As Colorado Politics spotlighted in June, stolen “exhaust emission control devices increased by more than 5,000% from 2019 to 2021, going from 189 to 9,811 reported thefts annually, according to the Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority. In Denver, the thefts rose by 15,000% in the same timeframe..”

Bottom line: Yes, now even official government accounts are admitting how much of a failure the incumbent Attorney General and Colorado Democrats are at actually stopping or reining in crime here in Colorado. Phil Weiser has been the top law enforcement officer here in Colorado for almost four years. During that time period, crime has grown out of control. This tweet just proves how ineffective Weiser, Polis, and the Democrats in Denver are at helping and protecting Coloradans.

Statement from Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown: Colorado families are experiencing out-of-control crime and unsafe communities under the Democrats’ watch. Rampant auto theft, bank robberies, and violent crime shouldn’t be a way of life. Republicans like John Kellner will prioritize public safety and build a safer Colorado for all of us.”