Bennet’s Failures in Afghanistan
The American withdrawal from Afghanistan orchestrated by the Biden-Harris Administration has been a complete disaster – by pretty much every measure.
  • Thirteen U.S. Service Members were killed in a suicide airport attack.
  • The Administration abandoned hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan who couldn’t get through Taliban checkpoints to the airport.
  • They left the majority of Afghans who helped us over the past 20 years.
  • They ditched millions of dollars in deadly and expensive military equipment, weapons, and ammunition for the Taliban.
  • They willfully ceded control of Kabul to the Taliban.
  • Our allies around the world are now questioning our resolve and credibility.
That’s a pretty clear disaster. Unless, you are Senator Michael Bennet who said he still needs to “assess whether the withdrawal was effective or not.” 

That statement doesn’t make any sense and is at odds with Biden’s statement yesterday that this was an extraordinary success. 

These comments also come days after Bennet’s spokesman said that he “didn’t have time to answer” questions about Afghanistan. At the time, Bennet had been on a climate road trip and visiting the Space Symposium.

“The fact that Senator Bennet doesn’t seem to think this hasty, haphazard, and reckless withdrawal was a complete disaster shows how out of touch he is with reality. This is a classic example of putting Party over country. The people of Colorado deserve better than the failed ‘leadership’ of Michael Bennet.” – Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown