Do Bennet and Caraveo want Biden to run for re-election?

Greenwood Village, CO. – This morning, CNN released an interesting poll showing that 3 out of 4 Democrats do NOT want Joe Biden to be their 2024 nominee.

That raises a question that Michael Bennet and Yadira Caraveo should be asked.

Question for Michael Bennet and Yadira Caraveo: Do you agree with the 75 percent of Democrats who don’t want to see Biden as the 2024 Democrat nominee or do you continue to endorse and stand side by side with Biden and his failed agenda? 

Note: Michael Bennet endorsed Joe Biden for president and votes with Biden 98 percent of the time in the Senate. Bennet has previously dodged questions and refused to say if Biden is the right leader for the country. CD-08 Democrat nominee, Yadira Caraveo, was formerly a Biden donor.

Statement from Colorado GOP Executive Director Joe Jackson: “Joe Biden has been a failed president. From day one he has made decisions that have hurt Coloradans and families across our country. Colorado voters deserve to know whether or not Michael Bennet and Yadira Caraveo stand with the 75 percent of Democrats who don’t want Joe Biden as their nominee in 2024 or do they continue to support Biden and his failed agenda? Coloradans deserve an answer.”