Does Polis agree with his husband’s shocking and disgusting anti-rural statements?

Cañon City, Colorado – Colorado GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown released the following statement regarding the disturbing anti-rural Colorado comments made by Jared Polis’ husband, Marlon Reis:

“These are some of the most pathetic and disgusting comments I’ve seen from a public figure in quite a while. While it’s been clear since day one that Jared Polis and his husband hate rural Coloradans, these comments show a blatant and visual hatred for a good portion of Coloradans – Coloradans they are supposed to fight and advocate for. The Polis- Reis Administration has worked overtime to hurt farmers, ranchers, rural Coloradans and those who don’t align with their far-left, urban agenda.

“It’s past time for Jared Polis to publicly condemn these remarks. Continued silence shows us that Polis fully agrees with his husband’s anti-rural Colorado views and agenda.”