Where do Bennet & Caraveo stand on “Remain in Mexico” policy?

Greenwood Village, CO. – Last month, the U.S. Supreme Court cleared the way for the Biden Administration to make the mistake of unwinding the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Today, there have been several articles highlighting how Biden hasn’t done anything since that ruling, angering many far-left, extremist groups. This once again raises some questions that Senator Bennet and Yadira Caraveo need to answer.

In June, more than 207,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended attempting to illegally cross the U.S. – Mexico border. That is the largest June apprehension number in DHS history. The fact is that the humanitarian and security crisis taking place at our border is a disaster and is costing lives.

This morning, Biden Drug Policy Director Kemp Chester testified to Congress that finishing the border wall would reduce the fentanyl crisis, which is costing a lot of lives here in Colorado. Bennet has routinely voted against efforts to secure our border and in 2021, Bennet voted against funding for anti-narcotic and opioid activities carried about by U.S. Customs & Border Protection.

Caraveo, the Democrat nominee for Colorado’s 8th Congressional district, for her part has also put her name on efforts to weaken immigration rules. In 2021, she signed a letter which stated that we needed to “divest” from ICE and CBP. Furthermore, Caraveo was a co-sponsor and voted for HB19-1263 which defolonized fentanyl in Colorado and led to a huge increase in deaths from that drug.

The question has to be asked: Where do Michael Bennet and Yadira Caraveo stand on the “Remain in Mexico” policy? Do they stand with the progressive activists who want to get rid of the policy and create an even worse border problem, or do they stand with Republicans who want the Biden Administration to keep the policy in place and finally take action to fix the Biden-Bennet border crisis?

Statement from Colorado GOP Executive Director Joe Jackson: “It’s time for both Michael Bennet and Yadira Caraveo to answer questions about where they stand on this humanitarian and security crisis. Either Bennet and Caraveo are for ending the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy and making this crisis worse or they are telling progressive groups they are wrong for wanting to end it. Coloradans deserve clear answers from the people who want to be their voice in Washington.”