The Colorado State Republican Party Officially Endorses the following Primary Candidates:


Congressional District 1
Valdamar Archuleta

Congressional District 2
Marshall Dawson

Congressional District 3
Ron Hanks 

Congressional District 4 - Trump Endorsed
Congresswoman Lauren Boebert

Congressional District 5 - Trump Endorsed
Dave Williams

Congressional District 6
John Fabbricatore

Congressional District 7
Sergei Matveyuk

Congressional District 8
Dr. Janak Joshi

State Board of Education, District 3
Sherri Wright

State Board of Education, District 4
Saundra Larsen

State Board of Education, District 8
Yazmin Navarro

CU Regent at Large
Eric Rinard

CU Regent District 3
Ray Scott

CU Regent District 5
Ken Montera

Senate 2
Tim Arvidson

Senate 5
Marc Catlin

Senate 6
Cleave Simpson

Senate 10
Rex Tonkins

Senate 12
Adriana Cuva

Senate 13
Scott Bright

Senate 14
Phoebe McWilliams

Senate 16
Robyn Carnes

Senate 17
Tom VanLone

Senate 19
Sam Bandimere

Senate 21
Frederick Alfred Jr.

Senate 23
Natalie Abshier

Senate 26
Bob Lane

Senate 28
Pedro Espinoza

Senate 29
Robert Tate

Senate 33
Max Minnig

House 1
Barbara DeHaan

House 2
Michael DiManna

House 3
Mickey Neal

House 4
Jack Daus

House 5
Johnnie Wesley Johnson

House 6
Kyle Witter

House 7
Tom Swift

House 8
Phillip Borelli

House 9
Tom Cowhick

House 10
William DeOreo

House 11
Kathy Reeves
Terri Goon

House 12
Mark Milliman

House 13
Dave Williams

House 14
Rose Pugliese

House 15
Scott Bottoms

House 16
Rebecca Keltie

House 17
Elizabeth Riggs

House 18
James Boelens

House 19
Dan Woog

House 20
Jason Lupo

House 21
Jan Koester
Bill Garlington

House 22
Ken DeGraaf

House 24
Gwen Henderson

House 25
George Mumma, Jr.

House 26
Nathan Butler

House 27
Ed Cox

House 28
Peter Boddie

House 29
Evan Hunt

House 30
Ramey Johnson

House 31
Heidi Pitchforth

House 33
Michael Martinez

House 34
Craig Sullivan

House 35
Lee Knoll

House 37
Danny Moore

House 38
Jeffrey Patty

House 39
Brandi Bradley

House 40
Darryl Gibbs

House 41
Rob McKenna

House 43
Matt Burcham

House 44
Anthony Hartstook 

House 45
Bill Jack

House 46
Christina Mascarenas
Kim Swearingen

House 47
Ty Winter

House 48
Carlos Barron

House 49
Steve Ferrante

House 50
Ryan Gonzales

House 51
Ron Weinberg

House 53
Donna Walter

House 54
Matt Soper

House 55
Rick Taggart

House 56
Chris Richardson

House 57
Caleb Waller

House 59
Clark Craig

House 60
Stephanie Luck

House 62
Carol Riggenbach

House 64
Ryan Armagost

House 65
Trent Lane Leisy

David Willson

Seth Ryan

Ben Sollars

Kala Beauvais

Jeffrey D. Lindsey

Anne Kelly

Travis Sides

Andrew J. Hayden

James R. Bullock

Carol Chambers

Michael J. Rourke

Jeremy E. Reed

Dagny Van Der Jagt

Douglas County Commissioner
Kevin Van Winkle

These candidates:
- Did not have a primary opponent.
- Prevailed as the sole Republican candidate at their respective assemblies, or received an endorsement after thorough consideration based on information provided.

Please support these candidates, and reach out to them if you are able to help their campaigns. 

Colorado Republicans