Phone Call with President Trump

President Donald J. Trump personally called after my Fox & Friends interview on Friday morning to discuss our appeal to the US Supreme Court.
President Trump complimented me on all the good press interviews defending him while thanking me for the hard work we accomplished with our continued court appeal, and, finally, what we could accomplish together in Colorado for the 2024 election cycle as voters signal their willingness to reject Democrats for going too far to the left.
We both expressed to each other how the fight is far from over and the need to defeat the corrupt Democrats in the court of law and the court of public opinion.
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After the phone call with President Trump, it’s even more clear what we must do to defend our rights and freedom.
We need to raise another $75864 in the next two weeks so we can be successful in our efforts as we appeal to SCOTUS and potentially pivot our nomination system from a Presidential Preference Primary to a pure Caucus process.
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As we’ve said before, if they can do this to the 45th President of the United States, then they can do it to any Republican candidate. We must stop this unconstitutional effort dead in its tracks now before it's too late.
Please donate before today and help us win the fight.
For Freedom,
Dave Williams - Chairman, Colorado Republican Party